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introduction to Crate Training (Free with purchase of pup)

It is Always Our Goal to Provide the Best, Most Well-Rounded Wheaten Puppies.

​That’s why we start to crate train pups before they leave for your home at no additional cost to you.

Dogs, by nature, are pack animals. Most breeders separate the pup from the pack (litter) a day before you are to pick them up or the day of shipping out. This is a disaster for you. Obviously, the abrupt separation creates a huge amount of undue stress on the young pup, in addition to a disservice to you, the puppy buyer. When this happens the pup is usually out of control for days howling and barking until exhaustion sets in and then they fall asleep each night. Needless to say, you will not get any sleep for those nights either.

At Fun Wheatens, we are constantly looking for teachable moments when we are around any of our adult dogs or pups. Over the years we have developed a step-by-step system to start crate training our pups before you receive them with little or no stress to the pup.

Here’s How the Process Goes:

  • At the age of 5 weeks, we add one or two dog crates without a closing door into the daytime play area where the pups spend most of their time. Very quickly the young pups discover the crate is a nice place to get into and play and also sleep.
  • Space permitting at 7 weeks of age, we pair up just two pups together during the day so they can play and interact. At night we place a single pup in each crate with the door closed facing each other. Using this method the pups can still see each other while in the crates. The pups quickly start to gain independence without stress.
  • At 8 to 9 weeks we move the pups into individual enclosures where they can see their littermates but are 100% independent, which is very important. From this point on the pups learn how to behave independently. This is the foundation for all of the future training!

Puppy Boot Camp Program

Space is limited to 2 pups per litter

Puppy Boot Camp consists of 15 days of daily training

Your puppy will be exposed to the following training: Ground manners: No Jump, No bark, Sit, Stay, Laydown, Leave it. Threshold training, don’t run out the door, stairs, extended car rides, walking on the leash, exposure to noises, running machinery, 4-wheeler rides, other people, animals, and any other teachable moment presents itself.

What you receive:

  • Videos each week of your pup while in training for each of the training topics.
  • Continued de-worming and additional vaccinations while your pup is with me.
  • A well-socialized pup with a working knowledge (but not perfect, remember he is a young pup) of each area of study.

What you will need to do when your puppy arrives with regard to continued training:

  • Review each of the videos sent to you to see how and when to use the same voice and hand signals I use.
  • CALL ME WITH QUESTIONS – this Boot Camp is as much for your pup as it is for you. All three of us, You, Me, and your wonderful Wheaten working together will create a lifetime of enjoyment for you, your pup, and everyone who meets both of you.

Introduction to Crate training is free and comes with the purchase of the pup.

Boot Camp is $1500.00 and includes additional vaccinations and deworming while in extended training.

Boot Camp Training Schedule

“It’s better to supervise and train than to fix bad habits”

Boot camp is available to only 2 pups per litter maximum.  Depending on our schedule at times I may limit this to only one pup per litter. 

Training a pup is time-consuming and must be consistently done daily for optimal results.  The cost for 15 days of daily training is $1,500. The training will need to be paid before the first day of training.
During boot camp, your pup will continue to receive de-wormings and all age-appropriate vaccinations.  While in boot camp your pup will receive a weekly bath, grooming, and sensory training. By the end of the training, your pup will love to be bathed and groomed.

You will receive videos once or twice a week, time permitting.  These videos will help you understand the voice and hand commands we use to train your pup and provide you with a progress report on your pup while in boot camp.

We generally start pups in boot camp sometime after 8 weeks of age. 

Puppy Boot Camp Training Schedule

Week 1:  Your pup will be introduced to the following:  wearing a collar, learning their name, Sit, lay down, the word NO, climbing stairs depending on the size of your pup, no jump, threshold training, no bark, stay, intro to the leash, crate training, and sometimes intro to retrieving based on ability (this is more a fun game for your pup at this point).
Week 2: More stair training, running errands with me to gain confidence in the car, and on 4-wheeler rides, more crate training. Continued execution of all the basics listed above and any other opportunity we come upon to use as a teachable moment while your pup is with us

Guardian Home Program

We at Fun Wheatens believe in providing the best environment possible to all of our dogs. We have a system that we feel will give our breeding females the very best life possible while still allowing us to share happy, healthy puppies with all of you!

Instead of being raised in a kennel, we place our future moms (pups) where they spend their lives with individual families.  They are lavished with love, attention, and consistent socialization! We, as the breeder, place a puppy in the home of an approved person, (aka Guardian Family). This Guardian will typically live within 2-3 hours driving distance.

When the puppy matures (around age 2), she will come back to us for 5-6 days to be bred with our male. Once she is bred she goes back to the guardian family for 7 of the 8 weeks of gestation (pregnancy). She will come back to our home for the delivery of her new pups. She will stay with us, the breeder for up to 7 weeks until the puppies are weaned. Each time the mom has a litter we will give the Guardian family payment of $500.00. This payment is to help offset the normal cost of pet ownership such as vet care, food, and grooming. Once our female dog reaches 5 to 6 years of age we will get her spayed at the breeder’s cost and returned to her guardian family as their own personal pet and joy!

The Guardian is able to receive a pup at a greatly reduced cost. In addition, the Guardian family receives $500.00 each time we have a litter. The Guardian family is responsible to care for the dog including house and basic obedience training, a well-balanced diet, and all non-breeding-related vet expenses.

The above is a basic outline of how our Guardian breeding program works. If you would like to be considered for this program and the benefits it provides please fill out our form so we can discuss it further.


Can I put a deposit down on a future litter?

We know Wheaten pups are hard to find but we don’t believe anyone should give non-refundable deposits just so you can be put on a waitlist.

Personally, we wouldn’t do it, and we won’t ask you to either.

We generally have 6 to 7 litters a year so you have a very good chance of us having pups when you call.

Give us a call and we can put you on a FREE waitlist.

How can I meet a puppy?

While you are always welcome to come to see pups in person, due to our remote location in the country, most find convenience in first seeing our Wheaten pups via FaceTime or WhatsApp.

Is the puppy microchipped?

Puppies do come with an identifying microchip at no extra cost to you!

Do you have a health guarantee?


Healthy and happy puppies are always our first priority!

Your pup will be checked out from head to tail and everywhere in-between. You will receive the Vet Health Report, along with all Vaccination and Worming records. These should be given to your Vet at the first Vet visit so he/she can continue on the proper vaccination and worming schedule.

Puppies also come with an identifying microchip at no extra cost to you!

You can download it here.

What options do you offer for delivery or pickup?

You can come to see us and pick up your pup in person. We are up in the mountains about 75 miles south of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We are on 40 acres of farmland in a valley that butts up to the St. Joe National Forest in the panhandle of Idaho.

Fly into Spokane, Washington international airport, and we will meet you at the curb for a hand-off at no charge. You can fly in and out the same day. Pups fly under the seat in front of you. The airline will usually charge around $125.00 for your puppy to fly this way.

Meet halfway. Time permitting, we may be able to meet you at a predetermined location. We have a neighbor who likes to do these types of trips. He usually charges about $1.00 per mile, sometimes less, depending on mileage.

The most popular way to get your pup is to pick them up at the nearest large airport. We use Pet Safe airlines, Alaska and American Air to transport our pups to you. The puppies fly in the same environment that we humans do. This pet-friendly area of the plane is created especially for animals of all sorts and is temperature-controlled and pressurized. They even transport birds in this area that are much more fragile than a 10 or 12-week old pup. Your puppy will be in a comfortable temperature-controlled area with food and water during their travel. They will travel in the same reusable pet taxi they were crate trained. You can continue to use this crate for crating them while house training takes place. This type of shipping usually is between $350.00 and $475.00. We will make all the arrangements for you and provide a link to track your pup as they move across the country to you in flight.

We also offer a flight nanny service where the pup is picked up at our farm and delivered to you at the airport of your choice or right to your home if you prefer. Most of the time, the cost is between $650.00 and $950.00. For example, one of the most expensive nanny trips was to Bangor, Maine, which was $1,250.00 due to multiple flight changes to get there.

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