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Fun Wheatens is committed to matching adorable Wheaten and Whoodle puppies with their perfect forever homes – anywhere in the country! 

Pete, our founder of Fun Wheatens and K9 Veterans Assist, served active USMC between 1984 and 1988. K9 Veterans Assist has focused on providing Wheaten and Whoodle pups (along with young adult dogs) to serve as Service Dogs for those in need. Breeding Service dogs have provided us with a wealth of experience which still influences our selective breeding practices today. Our main focus has shifted to raising puppies to be fun, incredible pets rather than service dogs. On occasion, we do have select young adult dogs that may qualify and could be considered to enter testing for the service dog industry so you are welcome to inquire if you have this need it’s just not our main focus any longer.

We still proudly offer active military and veteran discounts.

Healthy and happy puppies are always our first priority!

Your pup will be checked out from head to tail and everywhere in-between. You will receive the Vet Health Report, along with all vaccination and worming records. These should be given to your vet at the first vet visit so he/she can continue on the proper vaccination and worming schedule.

Puppies also come with an identifying microchip at no extra cost to you!

You can download a copy of our health guarantee.

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