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Reviews and Messages from our Puppy Parents

We love getting messages from our puppy parents.

Tofus 1st birthday today! ❤️ I’ll never forget the day I figured out he was born! He’s changed my life. Thank you, Pete!


Longview, Washington
February 2024

Today marks a year since we picked Zoey up at Chicago airport and we cannot be any more happy with her.

She has settled right in with our family and has made two best friends with our other two dogs.  She is so well mannered.  She has been easy to train and just fits right in.  It has taken her a little bit to snuggle but when she wants to she will now snuggle right in.  She is just the sweetest pup and we love her.

Joella, Darren, Cameron, Gradyn, Olive and Flora

Chicago, Illinois
Nov 2023

We've had our Wheaten at home with us for about a week. She is such a smart, bright and spunky girl. Peter did an amazing job of providing her and her litter with a healthy, loving start. He had great communication with us, and was so helpful with the arrangements for getting her to us in Canada. I also appreciate that he continues to be available if we have any questions. Thank you Peter!


BC Canada
Jan 2023

Some updates on Richard Lewis.  He is closing in on 20lbs and happy as can be.  Really want to thank you for beginning the crate training.  He loves his crate, sleeps through the night, and is fully potty trained.  Happy New Year!


Portland Oregon
December 2023

Hey Pete, just wanted to give you an update. I named him Petey, hope that doesn’t bother you! He and pearl are becoming best friends, and he’s turning into a lake swimmer. Petey is the nicest dog I’ve ever had.

Here's Ruby at 6 months old and 24lbs. She just got groomed!


San Antonio, Texas

August 2022

"Intelligent dogs.  We were blown away. "


August 2022

Parents: Ginger & Murphy

Hi Pete, wanted to thank you for the wonderful dog! My pup (Cassie) is now 9 months old and is the best pal. Looking forward to many more adventures with her.

Thomas Peterson
Seattle Washington

We named her Wilma Ruby Thomas. She is the sweetest most gentle little girl, who is smart and calm (for a puppy). She can sit and lie down and is getting good with “touch”. She loves to run in Clover 🍀. Wilma doing some long-lead training in the grass. She’s learning so much and has a great temperament. Already good on a game of fetch with a good “drop it” recognition. We can play all night. Looking into some agility classes for her.

June 2022

Thea went to her first softball tournament and stole the hearts of the whole team!

June 2022

Hi Pete. I wanted you to know our new friend Walter is doing great and being a good puppy. Big personality! Our other furry friend is “tolerating” him at the moment.


August 2022

“Bristol is a year old now and is everything we hoped for. She is so snuggly but can also go out and hike and run through the woods for hours with us. She adores our grandchildren and will jump in the bathtub with the little ones if she gets a chance. 🙂 She will stay out in the snow with all of us for hours. She is the quietest dog we’ve ever had. We can’t imagine life without her. ”


May 2022

Look how adorable Tater Tot was at the wedding of her humans.

Congratulations, Totoricas!

“He slept through the night and has been held by about eight different 6-year-olds and handled it perfectly! A+! Many thanks to your bootcamp!”


May 2022
Seattle Washington

Hi Pete, Just wanted to give you an update on the pup. She is doing amazingly! We are on a road trip and I have to say she is the easiest puppy we’ve ever had. She’s quiet and loving and almost completely housebroken. She’s an angel with our grandkids and we are completely smitten!


September 12, 2021

Hi Peter,

Our new pups love to be outside in “their” yard! Nellie: 14weeks and Oscar: 12 weeks.

We feel so blessed to have found them!

Jeff and Tina

May  2022
Star Idaho

“Pete, I love her so much. ”


May 2022
San Antonio Texas

“We are in love!!! 💜💜💜 Doogan is such a sweet pup. He’s adjusting well! He had not peed outside with us yet but we are working on it. He’s just such a good pup. ”


May 8, 2022

“This little girl we got from you is perfection! She’s 7 months now and completely potty trained, and the most loving puppy! Don’t know what we would do without her!”

Hank and Beth

Dec 17, 2021

“Thank you so much! We are already in love with her! We named her Thea!”

Matt and Courtney

May 8, 2022
Meridian Idaho

Hi Pete!!! Thought you might like to see some pics of us with Phin…we are madly in love!


September 22, 2021
Venice Beach, California

“Ryleigh is doing great. She met our son’s family and they all loved her, especially the grandkids. She has been to the groomer once. She has a big crush on Willie. They are crazy about each other and they go on long walks each day. She loves to run around (our grandson calls them zoomies) and climb up on rocks. ”

September 28, 2021
Green Valley Lake, California

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